The Snorkeling and Hiking Tour is an archeological, ecological and biological combination to make the most of Cahuita National Park, it’s history, it’s marine biology of rainforest flora and fauna; 1067 hectares of protected rainforest and 600 hectares of coral reef form part of the park ecosystem.

Two Danish Ships sank in 1710; Christianus V and Fredericus IV with more than 650 Slaves from the west coast of Africa. Marine Archeologists; Dr. Lynn Harris and Dr. Nathan Richards of East Carolina University, Maritime Studies Program, have done two Archeological Expeditions in June 1915 and September 2016, both certified by the Nautical Archeology Association (NAS).
14 Canyons, 2 Anchors, a pile of Bricks, 17th century Glass Bottles, Tea Pots and other artefacts have been found, studied and lab with x rays for scientific information.
First, you will explore the coral reef which hosts over 240 marine species including tropical fish, mollusks, nurse sharks, lobsters, sting rays, barracudas, lion fish and more. You will be accompanied by professional guides to observe all aforementioned wildlife.
After snorkeling, we will stop at Punta Cahuita for fruits and water before going for the hike. Your guide, a Cahuita native and naturalist, will share his knowledge of the wildlife along the trail, 1910-1940 Oil Drill Trail through the tropical forest and along Playa Blanca (White Sand Beach). You may see and hear a variety of fauna along the hike such as Howler and Capuchin monkeys, Two-Fingered and Three-Fingered sloths, a variety of snakes, lizards, iguanas, raccoons, birds and crabs. Watch out for the yellow eyelash viper, a beautiful colorful and poisonous snake, and the Capuchin monkeys who have no problem snatching people’s bags in search of food.
Snorkeling depends on the weather and water conditions.
$25 USD per person for snorkeling only
$25 USD per person for hike only
Minimum: 2 People.
Boat Transportation
Fruits and Water (for snorkeling)
Water, Mosquito Repellent, Sun Block
Cahuita National Park Shipwrecks

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