The Iguana Farm, Cacao House and Waterfall Tour is a great combination to receive a multifaceted overview of the Caribbean region. This 3-hour adventure includes three stops on the foothills of the Talamanca Mountains to develop your knowledge of the Indigenous tribe in connection with the cacao tradition and the jungle wildlife.

The first stop is the Iguana Farm run by a Kekoldi family who are an indigenous tribe related to the BriBri. The Iguana Farm was founded by a Canadian Foundation to prevent the extinction of the Green Iguanas. They were going close to extinction due to human consumption and trade as house pets. The Kekoldi wanted to protect them by allowing them time to reproduce in order to reintroduce them into their natural habitat.

The second visit is the Cacao House managed by a Bribri family who will give you a demonstration of the typical chocolate process.

The Bribri are an indigenous tribe found near Cahuita. The tribe was originally settled in the Talamanca Mountains, primarily living off the surrounding forested areas with no running water or electricity.

The third stop is an exotic waterfall you will reach after a hike through a primary forest, crossing rivers and observing wildlife such as the venomous red frog. This waterfall was where the Bribri performed rituals and ceremonies for purification and healing purposes. Although the waterfall is no longer used for ceremonies, the area is still thought to cleanse the body.

  1. Kekoldi Iguana Farm
  2. Cacao House
  3. Waterfall

Minimum: 2 People
Also available package with only 2 activities.

DURATION 3 Hours (2 hours if you book only 2 activities)
WHAT TO BRING Water Shoes or Hiking Sandals, Water, Mosquito Repellent, Swimsuit, Long Pants, Passport, Money for Chocolate and Souvenirs
Full Transportation
Entrance Fees


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