The Kekoldi Indigenous Reserve Tour is a biological and anthropological experience traveling an old highway and immersing in the jungle where most tourists don’t go. The path was the main road for the Kekoldi Bribri Community and other Indigenous tribes in the region for trading purposes.

The tour starts in the morning picking you up from your hotel in Cahuita at 8:30am. It begins with the welcome of a member of the Kekoldi Community who will be your local guide on the tour. He will take you up through the lush forest into the Kekoldi Reserve. Along the trail you will enjoy beautiful views of the rich rainforest, the Talamanca Mountains, the Chiriquí Mountains in Panama. You will get the chance to observe animals and birds in the surrounding trees, particularly from the watchtower world famous for the raptors migration from North to South America (from September to November and from February to March). After a 2 ½ hour hike, you will reach a beautiful waterfall which in the old days was a ceremonial ground for healing rituals, and enjoy a refreshing and deserved bath before returning to the community.

Once in the community you will be welcomed by Doña Maura, the president of the Kekoldi committee. She will give you an overview of the Kekoldi Territory formation, its geography, politics, social and economic issues.

Then she will prepare and serve you a delicious traditional lunch cooked with lug fire by you hosting Bribri family in the village.

DURATION 6-7 Hours
MINIMUM Minimum: 2 People
Hiking Shoes, Water, Mosquito Repellent
  1. Rainforest Hike
  2. Bird Watching at the Watchtower
  3. Lecture and Cultural Exchange
  4. Waterfall
Kekoldi Indigenous Reserve

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