The Night Tour Cahuita is a great way to discover a big variety of nocturnal animals that live in the coastal tropical rainforest. At night is when this area really awakens. The darkness will give a very different feel to the hike and their eye reflex makes it easier to spot animals, sounds are louder, there are more.

  1. Intro on nocturnal wildlife
  2. Walk along the village coastline
  3. Follow a dark rainforest trail

The night tour starts from Willie’s Tours Office. At 18:30. Here we give a quick introduction to the tour and look at what insects are attracted to a white sheet with light casted on it. From there we start to search for animals, along the coastline of the village. We may spot owls, bats, Night herons and a variety of other just awoken animals. Diversity is big, there’s always new things to be found.

A little further on our route we pass the entrance of the park, which is closed by night. So we’ll follow a trail that leads along its borderline. Here we’ll look to spot a caiman’s eye reflex with our flashlights, there’s also snakes, frogs and loads more nightlife to be found.

After about an hour of straying through the darkness, we stand quiet, just listening for a while to the countless sounds and enjoy a homemade chocolate treat. We are just halfway.

The big trees of the forest hide Tarantulas and sleeping lizards, with good luck we spot the Kinkajou (Night monkey). A forest floor is crawling with critters. The tour will be led by an English speaking Biologist with local knowledge of the area. After an intense 2 ½ hours walk we’ll reflect on what has been found this night on our way back into Cahuita.

Duration: approx. 3 Hours

Includes: Chocolate treat and guided by Dutch biologist

Minimum: 2 People

What to bring: Hiking Shoes, Water, Mosquito Repellent, Long Pants/sleeves, Flashlight, Passport.

Night Walk Cahuita Tour

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